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I have these feelin's, true n rare Of a place that exists Of a place thats not there Only this place i know I have been before I can show u no proof But ive walked thru the door Its a place in my heart And its a place in the past Where the long grass blows And the forests are vast A memory so strong it blows in the wind Takes me to a time To a place of kings Its a story, a myth A legend and more Im lost in a dream That makes my soul soar I have these feelins, true n rare Of a place that exists Of a place thats not there....
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The last and first stanza are nearly identical, but the last stanza breaks up the sentences a bit more, which I like for a different way to end it all! Nice
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Sorry totally coming back to this but I just realized it also reminds me of a song from the newer Alice in Wonderland....I can't think of the title but the One Direction one?
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@timeturnerjones I can totally see that! The Chesire song, right?
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