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Now this is what fly fishing is all about. I cannot wait to see the whole thing! This documentary "explores the lives of North American fly fishing guides, the fish they pursue and the magnificent local environments in which they coexist. As the guided fishing industry shows increasing signs of decline, these guides aren’t content to sit idly by as the sport they love degrades into an overly sponsored, trophy fishing, rich old man’s club." And that's just why I want to get into fly fishing: it has a culture, a legacy, if you will, attached to it that can't be denied or forgotten! It's time to get fishing; this time, on the fly!
This is what I'm talking about! This is why I want to get out there and learn to fish on the fly more and more. It's completely worth it, and completely legendary. I have to become part of the story
@dougjohnson @yakwithalan I think one of the reasons we never see ones like this for bass fishing is more because it's totally become commercialize sport nowadays. and salt water fishing is about big catches often. fly fishing some how remainds more natural
Wow! What dedication :) I don't like that the description condemns everyone who "let" bass fishing because only about the sport. I think there are a lot of guys who would disagree with that!
@yakwithalan This looks like it's going to be a pretty nice documentary. I wonder if anything similar has been made about other kinds of fishing. My sense is no because the fly fisherman are usually the more creative of our bunch! ha