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I'm sat here now as content as can be, Cos I know who's here, who's laid next to me, She s been brought down from heaven, just for me, Shes my perfect guardian, my angel with me No one else knows or sees wot I see They have no idea of the bond within me The wings on her back are so plain to see She's my perfect guardian, my angel with me How can she fill me with so much glee? The smile that she smiles when she sees me God sent her from heaven to set me free She's my perfect guardian, my soulmate, my angel with me x
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This was very sweet :) Have you ever experimented with a different rhyme scheme? I noticed that the word "me" was used as the rhyme so many times in this one!
Let me guess--this is about your child? I'm only guessing based on the profile picture :)
yes it is about my daughter x