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This might be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen an organization ever do. Greenpeace, in its effort to remind the world of the carbon footprint we are leaving, made a real footprints near one of the world's most historic sites: the Hummingbird found in the Nazca lines. Peruvian authorities say that the activists walked into fragile, restricted parts of the Peruvian desert in order to place a large sign that read: “Time for change! The future is renewable. Greenpeace.” The sign, made of cloth, can be removed, but the issue is that the previously undisturbed desert is ruined, and possibly cannot be restored. The desert around the lines is made up of white sand capped by a darker rocky layer. The footsteps of these activists essentially moved the darker rocky layer... While Peruvian authorities are saying they are planning on suing Greenpeace for the damages, they are not sure that the damage can ever be fixed. Greenpeace, meanwhile, has issued a public apology that was soundly rejected. As a Peruvian, what do I think? Well, I think that this will fuel the notion that foreigners just come to our land and do whatever they want. This is a sentiment, I know, many in Peru have. I know how proud we are of our lands, and this is as bad as it gets. I am not angry, to be honest. But I am shocked at the stupidity of such a large organization that prides itself on being sensitive about nature's wellbeing... I think a simple apology will and should not be enough. Somehow Greenpeace needs to make this up to the Peruvian people. To my people...
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This is what those who are to convinced with their own rightness always end up doing.
@orenshani7 This is just a case of absolute stupidity, and thoughtlessness. I hope that it is just a one time event that we can learn from, even if it did affect my land and people directly...
@linbur0100 Honestly, I worry about that. I am skeptical about many large non-profits because their track records are not as sparkling as people believe them to be. Greenpeace, however, has truly been doing a good job, that is until this happened... I think Greenpeace should be punished, but I also worry that people will forget what Greenpeace has done before... I dont know. Maybe I am too soft lol
This is absolutely idiotic! Even if it wasn't ridiculous to try to make a message about destroying nature by destroying more nature, did they even have permission to be there? Obviously not. So it's wrong on multiple levels. This stunt has marred Greenpeace's reputation, possibly irreparably...