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İ closed my eyes and started to rub them hardly. Whenever I do this, I am opening a port to the secret lands. Everything turns into white. But this time, I saw it. It is watching me. It is just like the eye of Sauron. But it is looking at me with pleasure. I can feel its happiness. It is too much. If just the looks are so powerful, I need to think again about meeting with it. I am not ready for this. I need to prepare myself. I am wondering. How is it like; meeting with it? Is it like the smell of a cake being cooked in the bakery? Or, like the pleasure of putting a half strawberry under the chocolate waterfall? Or like the first love? Or first kiss?
@greggr I had the same bit of laughter in my head, too!
Imagining the Eye of Sauron as "is it like the smell of a cake being cooked in the bakery?" is absolutely hilarious to me!
I love that you used the phrase "Eye of Sauron" in a creative writing piece :) Something I can definitely feel the fear of, I think! I was a bit confused by the phrase "started to rub them hardly," as I don't think this is a usual way for people to describe how they rub their eyes. It's ok to not use the usual way, but I found this so close to the right way that it confused me!