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This is a story about a cunning sly fox, Full of deceit and a grin that mocks. He's been in this chapter for far too long, The book should of closed but I'm not that strong. Yet the sly fox has returned once again, Yes its time to end this childish game. He huffed and puffed and he blew me down, I won't let you treat me anymore like a clown. The hurt is back again once more, The woodcutters axe is now lying on the floor. It feels as though its been twisted in my back, He's caught now but he will escape the trap. How can you promise you won't hurt me? How can you say that I will see? Too many times I've heard the wolf cries, When you said there'd only be me. I am so the fool in this story, Twice been read like jackanory. Why should I cut the beanstalk down, When its you who should be wearing the jesters crown? Magic beans can't help you now, Even bread crumbs I'll not allow. Your times at an end in this fable, The Queen of hearts has now left the table. And the moral of this story is to trust within, And never again fall for the foxes grin x
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thankyou very much x
In the line "i'm so the fool in this story" I think it might be even stronger if you took at the so. It feels very colloquial , and when the line is simply "I am the fool in this story." it has a much stronger impact, I think
I agree! I love the frame work of a fable world for a very real tale.
I love that you're telling a different story through some traditional, well-known fairy tail stories! It certainly makes for an interesting result! Nice @debz151180