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I've always loved how the Canyon arrow looks but not sure what to get... also, I'm so used to riding dropped boards, so does switching to a top mount like these feel much different? better?
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still deciding, gonna wait to see what I get from my mystery box first tho @RichardSchafer
get the rayne gmack I'm getting a job in jan and getting it its amazing
not sure if I've seen it or not haha but I'll go check it out @AndrewVollmar
I would suggest a footstop especially for switching to a flat type board. I rode way too far up in the trucks at first. Real easy to fix with some good practice though. Gotta love wrongboarding lol
Barge is dope is the shortest deck and has a mild kicktail. the groms of s9 have been rocking this board canyon arrow . . . longest board I would consider it to be a speed board and not much else truncated tessy is a compact and has 3d contouring in the deck itself unlike the other deck but has a very mild flex which can be labeled as road damping