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During episode 19 of 'Faith,' which aired on October 15, Choi Young decides to leave with Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) and organizes his possessions in a chest while preparing for the 'farewell trip'. Prior to leaving, Choi Young unties the bandana that was wrapped around his had, which naturally changes his hairstyle. Lee Min Ho received attention from the viewers for changing his character into an 'autumn guy' in adjustment to the change of mind. This is Choi Young's third transformation in the drama. First, he was a beastly man of martial arts who turned his back on the world after all the emotional pain he was forced to go through in his past. Then, as he met Eun Soo, he changed into the tidy and upright boss of the protectors of the king. This third transformation displays Choi Young's transformation into a 'man' with coexistent images between intelligence and wild nature, happiness and sadness, and rage and futility. Lee Min Ho's Koryo warrior hairstyle consisted of extensions to his existing hair, but for this transformation, it was revealed that it was Lee Min Ho's idea to cut his hair slightly shorter and lessen the waves. There is much anticipation for the role that the new Choi Young, who will show a new side of himself with this new hairstyle, will play. Source: TopStarNew
CHARLENE yes.. I think theres something wrong with vingle today :(
Will patiently w8 4 the nxt episode :)
JENNY i like all hehe
I like his hair in the first pic (upper part). xD
KHSHERA yes he is :)
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