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I used to dream of getting rich All the money and the wealth But I now I see it differently Money never helps you define yourself I want fans and people to love me Not because I gave them anything Except advice or someone to talk to when they need food for thought and they feeling hungry I think greed is the most ugly emotion When you worship numbers you only end up drowning in that ocean I can only do for myself But that doesn't mean I can't help I can use my time Cause that's all we got left I try to speak my mind and clarify I don't want to be that guy to judge somebody on how they look on the outside Instead I want to get to know the world and how you act through the hard times Cause that's where your true character shows When it comes to saving your soul A lot of people would drop everyone else to save their own I can't blame them though I guess it's human to feel alone In a group of people that are just trying to find where they belong
This is a very, very "real" feeling poem. I wasn't transported anywhere but into my own mind. Nice stuff @WyattHaste
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thank you
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It's hard to say I'd be able to put saving someone else's soul above saving my own...sure, in theory, that sounds fine....but could I really do it? I'm not sure....I think none of us really are.
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I want to yell the line "I guess it's human to feel alone" to the world! it's part of being able to think and feel, I think, to sometimes feel lonely
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I agree, @hikaymm - it really is amazing how alone we can feel, like @WyattHaste points out, "In a group of people that are just trying to find where they belong." The good news is that solitude can be the lifeblood of creativity and expression!
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