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My First Bias [VS] My Current Bias [Boy Group's Version]
Here is a list of my first bias(es) versus my current bias(es) because I think it's fun to see the change! 24K First Bias: Sungoh (if he's still in the group then I guess I still bias him) Current Bias: None I also biases Hui but he left the group and Jinhong but he's not there anymore either. AB6IX First & Current Bias: Daehwi A.C.E First Biases: Jun & Wow Current Bias: Wow (Jun still wrecks me though) Astro First biases: Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky Current Bias: Moonbin (everyone loves to wreck me though, except Sanha, he's my son) Ateez First & Current Bias: Hongjoong B1A4 First & Current Bias: CNU B.A.P First Bias: I think it was Zelo (But I've biased everyone but Jongup & Himchan at least once) Current Bias: Youngjae (Jongup wrecks the shit outta me though) B.I.G First Bias: Benji Current Biases: I can't decide between J-Hoon, Heedo, and Gunmin Block B First Bias: Taeil Current Bias: U-Kwon (Changed after I went through an obsession with their song Very Good) BTS First Bias: V (only for a short while as I got into them between Boy In Luv and Danger eras) Current Bias: Jimin (Changed shortly after Danger came out) CNBlue First Bias: None Current Biases: Yonghwa, Jungshin (Yonghwa after KCON NY 2017 & Jungshin after a drama I seen him in) Cross Gene First & Current Bias: Seyoung Day6 First Bias: Jae (shortly, during Congratulations era I quickly discovered my undying love for Wonpil) Current Bias: Wonpil (My cute boy) EXO First Bias: Sehun (EXO was my first kpop group, I found them shortly after Overdose came out. Fun Fact: Sehun was my first Ultimate Bias) Current Bias: Xiumin (I honestly cannot remember when and how he became my bias but I LOVE HIM) Got7 First Bias: Mark (Then I lost interest in them for a bit.) Current Bias: Jinyoung (IDK how he became my bias? But he is!) Halo First Biases: Dino, Heechun Current Bias: Ooon (O.M.G came out and I saw Ooon in that suit and it was the end for me) (But I have to note all the fucking group kills me!) Hotshot First Bias: Timoteo (to be fair most of the group killed me when they debuted but Timo stuck out to me the most at first) Current Bias: Hojung (It was sometime during the Watch Out era he got me) iKON First Bias: B.I Current Biases: B.I, Jinhwan (I used to be obsessed with rhythm ta, Jinhwan attacked me during that obsession) Imfact First Biases: Jian, Jeup Current Bias: Taeho (I feel for the cutie during Feel So Good era) Infinite First Bias: Hoya Current Bias: L (After Hoya left I didn't have a bias until I saw L in the drama Angel's Last Mission) KARD First Bias: B.M Current Bias: J.Seph (IDK when he became bias but he is.) KNK First & Current Bias: Seoham MAP6 First Biases: Sun, Sign Current Bias: Sun (He took over shortly after I got into them.) Monsta X First Biases: Hyungwon, I.M Current Bias: Wonho (Whenever Rush came out he took over.) NCT 127 First Bias: Taeyong (He was my first bias for 127 because he was my bias from U) Current Biases: Taeyong, Doyoung (Doyoung became a bias in 2018 and has ended me since, honestly I don't remember how he became one he just did?) NCT Dream First Bias: None (Because they are all younger than me.) Current Bias: Jeno (Gave in because he's too cute besides he's only 4 years younger.) NCT U First Bias: Taeyong (He was my bias predebut and carried over after they debuted) Current Biases: Taeyong, Doyoung, Kun (Doyoung joined like I mentioned in 127's above, Kun joined after I saw him on NCT Life and then sung in Without U's Chinese version.) N.Flying First Bias: Kwangjin Current Bias: Hweseung (Since Kwangjin left the group Hweseung took over.) NU'EST First Bias: Ren Current Bias: Minhyun (I lost it for his blonde hair in Overcome and haven't been alive since) ONEUS First & Current Bias: Hwanwoong (I feel for Hwanwoong shortly after Valkyrie came out, I watched one of their videos promoting the song and Hwanwoong was such a cute sassy boy. LOVE HIM!) ONEWE First & Current Bias: Kanghyun (Fell for him during a scare prank video of ONEWE & ONEUS.) Pentagon First Biases: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Kino ( I couldn't decide who I loved most right away.) Current Bias: Jinho (He's my current Ultimate Bias, I cannot express how much I love that boy. He's been my UB since December 16th, 2017.) Seventeen First Biases: Woozi, Wonwoo Current Bias: Joshua ( I can't remember how and when Josh became my bias.) SF9 First Bias: Inseong (Chani almost got me too but Inseong beat him out) Current Biases: Inseong, Rowoon (Rowoon just came for blood in his drama Extraordinary You, I love him!) SHINee First Bias: Minho (Because of his drama To The Beautiful You.) Current Bias: Jonghyun (After Married to the Music I fell for Jonghyun, he will forever remain my SHINee bias.) Stray Kids First Biases: Bang Chan, Seungmin Current Bias: Bang Chan (I went through this obsession with 3RACHA's music and Chan just took me for himself) Super Junior First Bias: Eunhyuk Current Bias: Yesung (After they came back from their hiatus Yesung apparently decided I was his so yeah...sorry Eunhyuk) Teen Top First & Current Bias: Chunji (Fun Fact: Teen Top was one of the first kpop groups I saw live. I went to KCON NY 2015 when they were there!) The Boyz First Bias: Hyunjae Current Biases: Hyunjae, Eric (The more I fell into The Boyz somehow Eric became my bias too) The Rose First Biases: Jaehyeong, Woosung Current Bias: Hajoon (IDK how it happened?) TXT First & Current Bias: Yeonjun (He's too cute too handle!) UP10TION First Biases: Wooshin, Wei(Jinhyuk) Current Bias: Wooshin (IDK why I dropped Jinhyuk but I did.) VAV First Bias: Gyeol Current Bias: St. Van (After Gyeol left St. Van came to me.) VeriVery First Biases: Dongheon, Kangmin (Because of KCON NY 2019) Current Bias: Dongheon (Because Kangmin is a baby and Dongheon is the only member older than me.) Victon First & Current Bias: Seungsik (Who couldn't love my otter boy?) VIXX First & Current Bias: N (He's my previous Ultimate Bias. From Mid-2015 to December 16th, 2017) WayV First Bias: Kun (He was already an NCT Bias at this point so like of course ima bias him in WayV too) Current Biases: Kun, Xiaojun (Xiaojun is just a cutie, I love him!) Winner First Bias: Taehyun Current Bias: Jinu (Jinu became my bias before Taehyun left, but I can't remember around which MV caused the switch?) [AND THAT'S IT! Let me know your list in the comments!]
Lana Del Rey for New Tim Burton Movie!
I am such a Tim Burton fangirl, guys. If he makes it, I'll watch it! His trademark kooky-creepy-lovely aesthetic is definitely a big reason, along with the inevitable casting of Helen Bonham Carter and/or Johnny Depp. I'll never get tired of them doing Tim Burton! But I have to say, one of my favorite aspects of Tim Burton movies is the music. Burton is known (as with the casting) for having favorite collaborations, and one of his most perennially successful partnerships is with composer Danny Elfman. I don't know if anyone can harness "magical," "whimsical" and "creepy" quite as beautifully and inventively as he can. I was pretty psyched to hear that he's also doing the soundtrack for Burton's latest movie, "Big Eyes." This one is a little different than his usual, it looks like - it is the true story of artist Margaret Keane and her struggles against her husband, who claimed her works portraying big-eyed girls were his own. What I found a little strange is that the title song is written not by Elfman, it seems - but by Lana Del Rey, who is also performing the song. I like the song, which was just released in a lyric video preview (attached here). I'm not sure, however, that it has quite the impact of some of my favorite Elfman pieces. People are already asking whether it will be big enough for an Oscar nomination. I have to say I'm not completely blown away - but I did enjoy it. What do you think? Do you like the song on its own? Is it worthy to stand beside Elfman's music?