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Pity about the movie, am I right??
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@timeturnerjones well, for one thing the book is told from multiple points of view from all over the world spanning several years. Brad Pitts character does not exist. I really reccomend picking up the book, it's very well written!
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@Astrate1 I'll take a look then, thanks!! :) By the way, I sent you a message just saying hello :)
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I enjoyed the movie, but they should not have named it after the book. The way the book was written would have made it extremely difficult to adapt into a movie.
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@maximus1349 I completely agree with you. The book would have been better served to be adapted as a mini series. They really did not follow it at all. It's a shame, the book is so great.
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@Astrate1 A mini series is a good idea. Each episode could be based around the separate survivor stories. Although, based on how Stephen King books were adapted into mini series I wouldn't have high hopes. They were just terrible.
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