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So, this likely won't be the last sequential day /ever/ (but who knows what will happen?) However, unless some amazing breakthroughs happen in the medical world, it's likely to be the last sequential day any of us will ever experience. The next one won't happen until the next century (in about 88 years) on 01/02/2103. And that's in quite a while. So, if you're under lets say 10, chances are you'll make it, but for the rest of us, well, maybe we should look forward to 01/02/34 in 2034 instead? It's not quite as nice, if you ask me, though. In honor of this "historic" day, quite a few companies and organizations celebrated. Pringles shared a nice photo of 12,13, and 14 pringles. NASA shared a picture of how the Earth looked. The last sequential day was in 2003 (01/02/03). What has happened since then that's memorable? According to Mashable: - We discovered the Higgs boson. - A royal baby was born. - American Idol changed judges multiple times. - The Survivor series carried on. Somehow, I think some more exciting things have happened, but let's carry on anyways! See you all in 2103 :)
I've never cared much about sequential dates, but it is interesting to see who does care about them, and why!
@JadedYears Lol I sense some sarcasm XD if we can make it to 2114 we can have another one!
The world will never be the same.