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So my shoes had come in the mail but they were too narrow because I didn't know Nike skate shoes were meant for people with skinny feet. But I went to the closest Nike store and exchanged them for these grey and mint green mid tops. Which I really like. I gonna break in my new kicks in tomorrow after work and probably a little before. Oh and I know when my Landyatchz mystery box should arrive, it should be here by the 22nd so now the long wait ensues and the anxiety rises once again.
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@DanielSpazJames always go on the Nike site to check if it's true to size. They'll tell you, too, if they're narrow, but Nike does have a skinny line.
eBay homie!
I really like your new pair, btw. Even the bottom looks steezy.
some of the best shoes to skate are Emerica and Vox
Thanks @mpoblete and I did see that they on the more narrow side I just wanted to believe that they could fit. But apparently my feet are on the wider side.