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When I was first getting in to kpop, I didn't understand any of the lyrics but I wanted to sing along. Of course I'm better now at understanding words and reproducing them when singing along, but before.. I was preeetty bad. At the time, I was really having fun listening to misheard lyrics of the song Blue. "I'm blue, dabadee-dabadie, if I was green I would die.. Etc." so I thought, "Wow hey, what if people did this for kpop?" Of course, they did. Thus, I "learned" the fabulous lyrics. Anyways, hello! My name is Adrianna and I'm new to Vingle. I'll probably be lurking most of the time but I'll post some of my memories sometimes as I'm not quite up to date with all my favorite groups' news and what have ye due to schoolwork and helping take care of my grandparents. I've always loved anime since the horrible English dub of Sailor Moon aired on Cartoon Networks Toonami or whatever the hell it was called, and also when my cousin showed me Spirited Away (studio Ghibli.) So I've been interested in Asian stuff since I was young. Mmm, sushi! My first kpop group I discovered was Big Bang with Haru Haru, Lies, and Sunset Glow. From there I became very interested in the music, but I never got involved in much else like running man or award shows. However, it all changed (fire nation!) when I saw Big Bang's parody of Boys Over Flowers. Ha. Oh god. Because of my interest in the group, I watched the kdrama and loved it, and thought the parody was hilarious! Yeah, since then I've realized their humor is completely different from America's humor, and if I showed it to one of my friends they would say, "Why is he (Daesung as Jan-Di) dressed as a girl? That's gay!" So it's basically been a closet interest for me, since I've really had no one to share it with and I'M BAD AT HUMAN. I don't have many friends as you can tell. I really enjoy all kpop and all groups but I can't name every member. Only my bias and leaders of groups mostly. However, I can name, of course, all Big Bang's members. I don't mean to brag but.. wait.. that's not a lot.. T. T My favorite groups are: Big Bang & all members solo or collaborations (omg what a surprise!) Block B, B.A.P, BTS, B1A4, Boyfriend, B2ST, Btob.. (why so many B's!?) Cnblue, Nu'est, 2ne1, tvxq, and Shinee. I'm getting really mad at my phone auto correct! I listen to a lot more, but these are my favorite. I can name most of the members by voices but faces I'm not too good at. I'm always amazed when people can remember everyone's blood type and birthday! If you read all that, thanks! Hah, and some questions for you as well. How did you guys and gals get into kpop, and how do you remember people's faces and names?
Hi! I never comment or post on Vingle, I mostly just "lurk" like you said (lol)... But I absolutely needed to comment on this post bc you and I literally share the same story of how we became interested in the Asian sensation. Shout outs to Sailor Moon - she was the start of it all for me as well! And I knew of Big Bang (#1 fav) but it was Haru Haru that really made me love them. Just thought that was so cool that we had a similar story of what we love so much. Cheers!
Welcome welcome (: I am new too! I also loveddd Sailor Moon. & yes the dubbing was horrific lol I got into kpop through BigBang (:< As for names and faces: I am embarrassingly good with names. Like, if I haven't seen you for years I will see you on the street and call you by your first and last name while you are struggling to remember my first name. Lmao Faces as well. This ruins watching movies because throughout the movie I will be trying to remember what other movie that actor/actress was in XD Never forget a face (: * Sorry i rambled lol Again, welcome ❤️✨
Nice to meet you! :D I always memorised their face by their profile pictures! You like Bigbang, Block B, B1A4, BTS, and 2NE1... I think we will get along well!! XD
Oh, I'm pretty good with American actors/actresses. If they're in a movie I usually refer to them as the character they played in a popular movie. "yeah that movie was weird. Indiana Jones was teaching some kids how to fight space wars!" (Ender's Game) I can tell some members though even if they change hairstyles and are wearing different makeup for videos, like V has distinctive ears and Taemin's lips. :D
I guess it is hard for me because I'm not familiar with them in the first place when I'm trying to learn, then they come out with a new song and change their looks a lot. c:
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