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Movie poster for upcoming Attack on Titan film.
"Oooh, aaah." The link also features the cast in what roles, as well as translation for the poster. member Ugsi posted the actors a while ago. It can't be any worse than what m.night shamalamadingdong did to Avatar haha. :D
Wow - the poster looks really amazing. I've heard that this adaptation is pretty promising.
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@sanityscout - Yes, hopefully it will be. :D
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yea...wanna watch it in theaters!!
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woah. looks super epic. hopefully the grafics are good enough for AOT. Bc like all live action movies based on an anime serie, especially for sci-fi & fantasy genres, the grafics aren't good enough. **cough, cough. DBZ
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I've seen the movie ^_^ and I enjoyed it ALOT!! :D the movie it's pretty scary Like a horror action type movie 馃檲 but it was AWESOME! :)
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