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"Oooh, aaah." The link also features the cast in what roles, as well as translation for the poster. member Ugsi posted the actors a while ago. It can't be any worse than what m.night shamalamadingdong did to Avatar haha. :D
Wow - the poster looks really amazing. I've heard that this adaptation is pretty promising.
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@sanityscout - Yes, hopefully it will be. :D
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yea...wanna watch it in theaters!!
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woah. looks super epic. hopefully the grafics are good enough for AOT. Bc like all live action movies based on an anime serie, especially for sci-fi & fantasy genres, the grafics aren't good enough. **cough, cough. DBZ
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I've seen the movie ^_^ and I enjoyed it ALOT!! :D the movie it's pretty scary Like a horror action type movie 馃檲 but it was AWESOME! :)
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