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Education is the key to any society. This is such an accepted truth that it is rare to see anyone oppose this statement. While we all seem to understand education’s value, why is it that the education system never gets the same coverage as other topics? The main topics I heard this year (an election year) were the economy, immigration, health care, unemployment, war, war, and oh yeah, war… I visited South Korea a few months. It is a nation that only 60 years ago was ripped in 2 because of war. And what have they done in those 60 years? They have become an economic powerhouse, producing international powerhouses like Samsung, LG, Hyundae, and Kia. How have they been able to do this? There are probably many reasons that I probably don’t understand, but one key reason has been their near maniacal commitment to education. My friend once told me: “When I was a kid, my mother was cheap. She would refuse to buy me ice cream because she said it was too expensive. Yet, she would spend a fortune on private tutors, extra classes, and any books she could get her hands on.” So why do we not do the same for our kids? In the US, I have seen marches on everything. I do not think they are wrong. I commend Americans for clamoring for their rights. But what I cannot understand is why do we not stand up for situations like the one happening in Durant, Mississippi? In this report, Durant teachers say that they do not even have books to hand out to students. Durant school administrators flatly stated that they choose “to select those people with less experience, particularly people that are right out of college” because they are cheap. They also went on to say that they decided to not buy books because they could not afford the books and the teachers, “if we buy textbooks, we’re not going to have teachers.” So while I do not think it is wrong to make politicians accountable for other things, where are the marches for these kids? Where are the angry people demanding answers for kids who will never stand a chance at having a productive career because they never even received a basic math book?! Education is the key to giving our kids a bright future, but no one seems to really address it. I fear that this is because the most directly affected people, the kids, are too young to understand how they are being cheated...
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@DustinC I'm not sure if you're being confused between North Korea and South Korea.... unless you are referring to another post.
OMG I never once even mentioned Korea!
@EightyNine @DustinC thank you for discussing your views on my post, but I think the conversation has kind of gone off topic lol You guys might want to discuss it further via message :)
I agree 100% there needs to be more support and spotlight on this subject
@JenniferGurnham I wish we could support an education lobby because it seems that lobbyists are the ones who really wield power...