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Live recap ENDED ------------------------------------------------------ Refresh this card or <a href=><b><i>K2H Party</i></b></a> for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha: JH Kang Ah: KA Jae Shin: JS Shi Kyung: SK Kyu Tae: KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo: BG ----------------------------------------------------------- JH gave order for HA to be taken back NK. QD and JS are eating breakfast and shocked to hear the news. HA is talking to KT in her room. He apologized to her. KT said he wanted to ask her one thing. HA said of course she loves JH He asked if she is ready to become a Queen. KT said he opposed the marriage since the beginning. He said if she's ready he can help her and asked if she's confident. HA said she's just a normal girl wanting to marry a man that loves her. Even so this place and people here still scare her, even the King. KT said he will contact NK and excused himself. JH is looking at smaller portrait of the former King. Someone asks if he's getting a divorce and comments that it looks bad to them to send her back. They should kick her out so it doesn't look like they're the one at fault. HA is ready to leave and met JS at the door. Others left for the two to talk. JS asks HA to come back when things get better between NK and SK. She earnestly asks HA to please come back but HA just say sorry and left. JH went to meet QD. She asks if HA left and asks if JH is crazy and why he sent her back. JH said she was right and that he shouldn't have trusted anyone so easily. She asks if that hurts him. She asks him if he knows his dad was sick. People are childish and there's nothing to trust. All you can think is how to hurt others but no matter how hard you fight if you give up then it's not worth it. Was it HA that made you do this? You're garbage just garbage. Why do you think I'm saying this, why do you think she left, what did she say. HA went to a building and asked to leave behind everything that was brought from the palace. She came to a room by herself and slowly starts to take of her jewelry from watch to ring, and shoes. JH is watching the live video from the other day's interrogation. HA says with honests eyes that even though she and the King fight a lot she feels she understand him better. She feels that she likes him more than he likes her but it doesn't matter because she's happy that he's there for her. JH is red with tears. HA changed to her pink NK handbook. SK officers bow to her as she walks through custom which is empty. Her father is waiting for her with NK officers on the other side. She walks fast toward him and when she is out of sight of SK's officers she starts crying on her dad's shoulder. Her voice saying Identiy? you ask for my identity? I'm just a girl who loves a man JH is sitting in his office with a distressed face. And surprised by the sound of the parrot saying hamburger. JS (since when did she start to wear little tiara on her head?) came to scold her. JH told her to throw it away. JS asks since when he became so emotional. JH says he's garbage so shut up. He yells at JS and she also did the same. He says just wants to make things better, but what can he do, it's all his fault. JH is thinking and unable to sleep, he lies down on the floor and saying he is a king if doesn't have the power. Even if he brings her back things are not going get better. He has to set things right. He has to set things right and catch the criminal first. He's talking and there's a beep sound in the background. Then he is doing some practice filming for the soccer with some people. He's bored to death then remembers the time when he and his brother wears red tshirt and cheer for the korean soccer team. JH imitates South Korea Go! sound to the laptop and it seems he was able to access the video file that his brother left. There were videos of his brothers. It's like the king's diary.The former king mentions about trouble being in King. Then as if saying to his father he said he's so happy that JH finally found someone to get married and show picture of HA. JH is smiling but then becomes sad. Then the king starts saying what he should do if there's someone who is blocking his way. Should he kill that person? There's a saying that if you are to trust someone you have to suspect them first. He mention someone threatened him and even about to kill him. JH's face got serious and shocked KT is walking through aisle of files, looks like the storage but JH is already sitting there studying the files. They talked about Club M. JH asks what's the chance that BG kills his brother. KT said there's a possibility because no one wants NK and SK to get along. JH is using the pen BG gave him; he looks at the pen and remembers what he said then the time he got stabbed and the person who wrote I am King. Then he smiles and scoffs. He orders to arrange a meeting with BG. BG is thrilled at the news. He ran off and get on the helicopter to meet JH. BG saw KT but KT ignores him. On his way he saw JS and waved at her but she's annoyed at him and orders someone to close the door. BG went to JH's office. KT is listening to the convo on his laptop. JH says that there are rumors that it was club M that killed his brother. BG denies. JH mentions about the WOC (probably bombing). JH says there are many people that say all the things related to his brother's death are related to club M. JH asks BG to sit down. JH is looking through club M file. JH comments how club M is rich wonders how he did that. He said many other things that made BG looks unhappy. Then BG started saying that it was him that killed JH's brother. JH's brother forbids him to come to SK and that he was like an idiot. JH is shaking and red with tears but tears didn't fall. KT heard the confession and hurriedly rushing to the office. JH bursts out laughing. He asks if BG is on drug and that he remembers BG wrote something on the window. I Am …Tom? He asks what his name is. BG answers it's John. JH said oh it was Bong Goo and starts making fun of his name. To one point which BG lost it and scream YAAAAA and KT opened the door. KT asks BG to leave. His foreign bodyguard comes in to take him. After he left JH ordered to catch the psycho in the lobby and just kill him or something! SG is running to the door with another guard and saw BG leaving screaming you're all dead and i'll kill you all. KT said it's nothing don't worry about it. JH asks KT that you heard him right, he said he killed the former king. KT said you are the king. JH said the one he killed is the king too. KT said there are things that more important than evidence. that is power. Many companies and schools belong to Club M. There is no love in the world only power and money. The king was killed because he tries to push forward the WOC and marriage between NK and SK. But JH broke the marriage so he will pretend not to hear anything until he got everything sorted out. SG is listening outside. KT walks out and saw SG standing there. SG asks what is club M. KT says he doesn't have to know about it and just act like a soldier. SG sees JH looking at the former king's portrait in the hallway with many portraits of previous king saying that if he is really powerless. He turns around and saw SG and asks if he's looking down on him. SG earnestly tells him to believe in himself and that he is already strong. JH asks if SG is making fun of him. He said the king he knows is very sensitive and hates anything that's serious but that's because JH knows the reality too well and that he knows JH has been hurt a lot but he's the strongest king that he knows. So please becomes stronger. JH is touched but try to look indifferent. He turns around and look at his bro's portrait and asks whats wrong with SG and if he's crazy. KT got a call from BG. KT asks how he knows this number. BG creepily says he knows everything. BG asks him to better get the King to trust him and starts yelling. KT hangs up. BG's righthand man comments that KT will be useful to do them. He orders to call Bon Bon the assassin. JH and SG are drinking and talking. SG asks JH please understand his brother. JH said he knows and that he is someone who serves the palace for 30 years. HA's dad is waiting for her in the car. HA comes back with some crippled guy. He asks if they watch the firework. She started complaining and wants to go back quickly. Dad and crippled guy seem to get along well ask the keep on laughing when she's already in the car. Dad is driving HA back. HA says if he wants her to just marry and if she embarrassed him. They talked about SK and he said she was just there for a little but it's true that people think otherwise. HA started crying and asks if they can talk about this at home. JS is about to go out but there are many reporters outside waiting for her. She calls SG and said she definitely will not go out until everyone goes. So the set up a decoy to lead the reporters away. SG and JS leaves in a different car. HA is pouring water and about to take some pills. She doesn't look well. She dropped the water and holds her stomach in pain. She calls her dad. SG notices someone is following them. HA's dad rushes to hospital. It becomes clear that someone is following the hospital car which SG and JS are in. The guy who drives it suddenly turn around to lose the people. But it's stopped by a group of foreigners fighting in from. The guy comes out to take a look. SG G said he would go to take a look but JS doesn't want him to leave. He said he will be right back and left (NOOOO). So JS is alone in the car. The parrot is being noisy. Then Bon Bon starts approaching from behind the car. She looks at JS through the window. JS turned around and shocked to see BB. Dad is at the hospital and the doctor apologizes for not being able to save the baby. Dad is shocked to learn that HA was pregnant. JH and QD are watching a drama. JH is giving her a shoulder massage. She comments on the guy on the TV who looks distressed. She asks do you know why he's like that. He abandoned his wife because he got made when she called him garbage. KT walks in to give a report. Then the TV with a foreign announcer giving the news about HA's miscarriage in English. It sounds like it was SK's fault. Then NK gives a report on the TV with a NK woman in hanbok saying that they are upset for what HA has to go through and that SK has abandoned NK. QD looks at JH and JH is in shock and speechless. END Preview: HA is surprised to learn that she had a miscarriage. She didn't even know she was pregnant. That's all I caught T_T. Sorry about this but preview should be up soon.
@soula81: you always beat me up!!!!! well done!
thank you so much for a super duper fast recap.. this ep is heart wrenching especially the miscarriage and kill crazy guy part! actors are the best!
Thanx a lot!! Was it just me who thought that the secretary looked legit regretful when he had that talk with HA? And, the miscarriage: in the awesome JH's words...ahhh, stress! :)
thanks so your recap.
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