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Dan Quinn's Seattle Seahawks' defense has once again become the best in the NFL, limiting teams to 6.7 points and 169 total yards per game over the past three weeks. Richard Sherman hasn't allowed a completion in three weeks. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor remain the NFL's best single-high/box safety combination. Seahawks corners boast the lowest passer rating in the league for the third consecutive season. The defense is allowing only 1 more yard per game than they did last year. The past two opponents have combined for just one play over 17 yards. That's crazy. Last January, Quinn interviewed for the open jobs in Cleveland, Tennessee and Minnesota but because the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl he didn't take a new job. I doubt that teams will let him stay on the Seahawks again next year. What team do you think will hire him?
@Goyo Well the Browns HC right now is defensive minded... might as well go get a better defensive minded coach! Of course there is no guarantee that he will actually be better. But yes the Browns probbaly need a new offensive coordinator either way.
@DanteL he is definitely worth the money as DC. No one can question that... @EightyNine that would be foolish of the Browns considering that Gordon was out a significant portion of the year. They need consistency and an offense guru...
I really hope the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl again so teams won't be able to get him. My seahawks need that guy. hes one hell of a coach
@Goyo I have a feeling that he probably has learned a lot from Carrol on how to be a good head coach. I think he will do well if he gets the opportunity. The Browns would be a great fit for him I think but I'm not sure if they'll dump their coach after just one season.
There have been various cases of DCs flaming out as head coaches.... do you think this case would be different? @eightynine