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If this doesn't make you want to jump in a river and cast some flies (ok, maybe a slightly warmer river), then I think you're probably a little crazy! Check out this stunning video of a beautiful catch on the Colorado River. It might be cold, but that doesn't stop real anglers from going after their fishing dreams!
@mcgraffy @happyrock this is what I've been n talking about ! I wade the river in the winter time to catch my walleyes. Best fishing ever . just like this guy . Brave the elements and u will be surprised at what u will catch . Waders or boat its time to enjoy the best time of year . No pocket fishermen . No people . Just u and nature. Fishing at its best . Is now
@BrianMcNeeley you got it right as always. sounds too great. I gotta go.
Awesome. I've been trying to talk my wife into going fly fishing this winter and she thinks I'm crazy.....
@mcgraffy Yeah, i think it looks pretty damn chilly to me, too!
Beautiful catch, but far too cold for me to be willing to get in there