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Adrian Peterson's suspension until at least April 2015 was upheld by arbitrator Harold Henderson on Friday. He said that he's been so disappointed by the NFL's disciplinary process that he's thought about retirement. He says the process is unfair and he is hurt because of the false way that the league and the media has painted him as a child abuser. Peterson plans to sue the NFL, but he fears that if he does then he will never be reinstated to the NFL. However he has said that if he does not get reinstated, then he will pursue his real estate business or he will try for the 200 or 400m in the Olympics. He is tired of the corrupt NFL that looks after only it's own. What do you think. Who's side are you on?
@naija I completely agree... To be honest, I would hope that he does stay in order to trade him. I completely agree about McKinnon. I just hope his back issues are not something that will derail his career
I will put it like this @goyo, I havent seen peterson with a decent qb. hence the fact whenever teams play the viking, they stack the box. now imagine what a decent or great qb would do for him. also I think you guys have a stud in McKinnon
I would like to see him too do the Olympics. . I guess I can see were the vikings can axe him to save money. well hopefully, my colts picks him up next year for a decent price☺
I'm also looking forward to Mckinnon. The guy is electric and is a home run waiting to happen
@naija I feel like he would be out for blood if he leaves the Vikings. I do not think they would let him go, though, unless he retires, in which case he cant sign with another team
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