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personal opinion: when the car crashed...Eun gi was coming back to Maru.. like heaven or hell ..le's be together!! read on... Eun Gi isn’t going to be staying away from Maru despite his attempts to dissuade her from hanging around. The news article that accompanied the stills of Maru and Eun Gi sitting in his courtyard explain that Maru has been restraining himself from getting involved in Eun Gi’s life, but after the attempt to kidnap her, he cannot hold back any longer and he tells her how he really feels about her. But Maru doesn’t know when and if she’ll ever regain her memory, and what she felt towards him right before the accident, so their newly developing romance is like walking a tightrope that is fraught with the tension of the unknown. I like that in NG, Eun Gi didn’t selectively lose her memory and therefore can conveniently remember it when the plot calls for it. I think with her severe brain trauma resulting in loss of cognitive functions and memory, chances are good that she might simply relearn life but never regain the memories from before. cr:
I guess the first thing that comes from her mind after knowing that his beloved father died, is she is lonely. Her mom died and now his father. The most cruel thing is that ma ru said cold words to her at that time. So eun gi knowing that his dad and ma ru left her came to a decision that if she and ma ru can't have a relationship then it would be better if they die together.. and jae hee can't get him back..
jenny..she does..... what do you think why she was going back to him when the accident happen? my assumption i've stated
I think eun gi still loves him. Remember when she said to Ma ru: "My hear remembers you" I love their chemistry xD
he is in love..the way he worried about her when she was kidnapped..and then running to get her yesterday.. confessing nothing but the truth..i love that he's being honest..he doesnt want to confess because he thinks he doesnt deserve her and also because he doesnt know that at the time of accident when she was coming back to him..what was in her heart..does she still love him or not?
I am really awaiting that moment when he truly falls in love with her and admits it freely. He has been playing too many games and teased us too much!!
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