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Mistletoe, stand aside, because you've got competition with this adorable floral coif. Learn how to create this easy-to-do twisted wreath look! Instructions: 1. Separate the front section of the hair, from ear to ear, one inch from the hairline. 2. Leaving the front section out, place a headband around the crown of your head and secure with bobby pins. 3. Take the front sections and gently backcomb. 4. Starting in the front, loosely twist and tuck two-inch sections into the headband. 5. Continue working your way from the crown toward the back of the head, until all loose ends are tucked, using hairpins to tame any stray ends. 6. Add your favorite seasonal flower to the back of the head just slightly off-center, and secure it with pins. Then, add hairspray to finish. Image Courtesy: Rachelle Derouin/Refinery
This would be a cute bridal hairstyle. Thanks for sharing.
馃槂馃槂I'm going to wear my hair like this today
I tried doing this and it was a perfect updo for any occasion...
Lovely hair. The only problem is my hair is too short to recreate this look. I might need extensions.
That flowery hairpin completrs this hairstyle! By the way, I don't use hairspray for environment sake. Is there any substitute to hold your hair?