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Who knew teal and green decors can give an unexpected festive result. I'm usually a big fan of burgundy, red, forest green, and gold during the holiday. My perspective changed when I came across Elle Decor's feature of Christina Dennis (DIY Mommy's) Christmas-inspired home interior. The color combination is very easy and comforting to the eyes. In other words it display an earthy festive theme. The use of color is not grand at all. The trick is incorporating the combination in small pieces such as tableware, pillow, centerpiece, and stool. I'm in love with the coordinating and maybe you can explore this festive style with your home this winter. Image Courtesy: Elle Decor
That chair on page 4 keeps calling my name. I REALLY Like this card. @cindystran
@marshalledgar I've seen Anthropology or World Market carrying something similar in the past. Better yet, you can start a DIY project with an old wooden chair. All you need is some teal and metallic gold paint.
Love the styling from 3rd image, especially the map ornament.
I should add in teal to my Christmas tree! Seeing your last picture, it looks perfect with yellow Christmas light.