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My bro Stephen got to build a board for his birthday! He finally, after much debate, settled for the Fat Tail by Loaded. Came close to a Truncated Tessy and a Liam Morgan but went for the cruiser. So welcome to the Loaded family! All the boards lined up belong to only 4 of us surprisingly. Then I had to take one of the 4 loaded.
Nice quiver and I want to go to a real board shop. Not zumiez
Awesome quiver!
Nice collection
I know bearings make a difference I can feel it when I ride using a few different bearings. So far the Abec 9 comics are excellent. They have been used in the rain and they have gotten dirty and they are still rolling well and the bones super reds are the same. But the Abec 5s are slow compared to this.
Fuck zumiez. Their employees are dumb. One of them said bearings don't matter they all work the same. And I was like than why are some more expensive. And he said conspiracy theory to make more money
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