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Stims! Simply awesome!
Came back home from a trip from the states with a set otang stims after a 24 hrs flight could not stop myself from setting them up and just go cruising and sliding...
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sure man.... hmmm? well i can't really do a xomparison since these are the first otangs i've ever had or riden and boy they don't dissapoint from what they're known for.. i really wanted to get a set of 86a's (yellow) 'cuz i don't really go at high speeds and they will slide the easiest.. but the L.A. skate only had the 83a's left and the shop owner was cool enough to give me pointers saying that 83a are my best choice since these were my first and i might not be use to contrilling the slides yet.. my take on these?? freakin' awesome! i hardly had to go fast to get these to break traction and slide i could imagine how easier the yellows would be still these purples are nice enough control and ease of slide. they're faster they i expected and easy to push.. haven't had any complaints so far but i'll let you know if i do.. overall very fun wheels! best set i have probably..
from my experience not really.. people who do longer stand up slides might say differently
I've almost cored mine and they haven't thaned at all in the last year I've had them