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I've been admiring him since 2009 (boys over flowers), I really thought that my obsession was over when the drama ended. I didn't even had a chance to watch his personal taste drama way back 2010 because I fall out of interest. However, when City hunter was broadcasted last 2011 oh! my! I was really amazed by his looks. I know his already handsome but during the time he looks awesome! I like how he portray his character it really fits him. Since then, I keep stalking him visiting sites that talks about him, uploading hundreds no thousands of pictures on my own facebook account. Searching new updates about him even every single unnecessary information was precious to me. I didn't intend to get to the point that this obsession will go this far up till now because of faith. I was never like this before. Yeah! I admit I admire celebrities but I never been as crazy as I am now. This is the first time that I've been an avid fan to someone who doesn't even know me, and it doesn't make any sense. I'm totally aware of that, nevertheless, I have no regrets haha.. this is too much, you may say but it makes me happy. What can I do?? lol
AIREEN please follow me hehe
Lee min ho oppa... Got it!!!!!
ALLIEEE thanks GOD i found an ally. haha :D ^_^
OMG...You totally just described me ... I swear... I don't know what it is about him but he totally has me like no one has ever before...EVER. Except That I first saw him in City Hunter and was blown away by his acting ( his good looks was bonus) :) then the obsession started ( which by the way never happen before with any other celebrities even the ones I admire and find attractive) LOL... I started searching for other dramas with him then I found Boys over flowers (and OMG lets just say I became a certified no turning back FAN of Lee Min Ho he was incredible in that drama) I've managed to watch his other dramas and catch up on all the info I could find about him ( I spent like HOURS upon HOURS a day to do so)...So your not alone in this unexplainable reality... I may not know him in person but am THANKFUL that I've come to know about him because he always manages to make me smile.