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Can we get better quality posts please?
I'm getting kinda sick of seeing post after post of "hey guys check out this weird deck" or "look at this neat thing that kinda has to do with longboarding but not really" or "look at these people cruising" I know others feel the same way. Maybe just post something that could actually benefit skaters, like a trick tip, or an awesome new video. (I know some of you do, but the majority is turning this community into Instagram, and posting whatever they want, whether it be longboarding related or not.) Another thing, if you post a picture of gear, tell us what it is!!! Don't just say "these are nice pads" or "thats a cool helmet" come on guys, make a damn effort! It's not that hard. Also, if you guys take something off of another longboarding community (I've seen so many posts on here that came from reddit its unbelievable) give credit where its due, and say who posted it (example: /u/Steezus posted this awesome customized Bhangra on reddit earlier, thought I'd share!) again, it isn't that hard. Thanks for listening to my rant, and I'm pretty sure none of you will change but I hope you do. TL;DR: read the whole thing, it takes 1 minute guys.
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Ok so I went digging around this community looking at posts and I see what you're talking about...most of the stuff I see on my homepage is Ok, although since you posted this I'm seeing more stupid stuff lol, but digging around got me random, pointless posts...off subject stuff, half done stuff, complete nonsense etc etc I still say some of these people just need a place to share but you can tell the difference between those who care how they post and those who think this is Facebook oh and I don't envy your job, bouncer boy, maybe you should go watch Roadhouse then come back and clean up lol @steezus
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so...selfies, your nails and your cat...course you could put your cat on a board in your lap as you sit making sure your nails are facing the camera that'd be Instagram sublime right there @KlaireLaurie
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All I need to know @drlizardo is who to roundhouse kick in the testicles.
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@steezus you can start with me. I'm tall so it would be good practice HAHA;) I'll keep the"spam" to a minimum
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of you're aiming low you might try a different kick @steezus
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