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This is half of my and my buddy Eugene's arsenal. We also had a bag of wheels so he swapped a lot of them in and out. Not gonna review my Chubby and his Tesseract. Y'all already know. The only thing I wanna add is how he customized his Tessy by adding a micro drop toward the top and bottom of the deck. My favorite wheels were the Orangatang Keanu, and ride was surprisingly the Earthwing NLS 37" with the Caliber II trucks. It was incredibly light (4 ply plus a special Earthwing ingredient). It felt madd sturdy and stable, even though it was so light! This thing glides like a dream. The lowest center of gravity board was the Bustin Sportster Pro with cRonin trucks. If I'm gonna push for miles, I'd choose this (or downhill but I'm more of a Freeride gal). I don't recommend the Original Apex Diamond Drop 40". They got delaminated in a way that I've never seen before. Crappy quality. Eugene also let me try the Liam Morgan Blood Orange 82a (next best), Cultism 65mm 85a, Sugar Canes 72mm 79a, Orangatang Keanu 80a, Abec 11 Freerides 72mm 84a, scrubbed RADvantage 72mm (at the moment) 78a, Orangatang Moronga 72.5mm 80a. My personal fave aside from the Keanu were the Blood Orange wheels and Sugar Canes! P.S. I felt awful because I grinded the Tessy kicktail hard when I was trying to whip a 180, and it left "cork"-thane (as I'd like to call it) on the ground.
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you've been holding out on us@EugeneAlcantar
Thanks dudes! My next two posts will be a tutorial on how to make a micro drop by my buddy Eugene, and how to tighten trucks so that the back and front are even instead of being too loose on the back end (which could result in speed wobbles).
what are the two boards on the left and the 1 on the far right?
Nelson Stingray and Original Apex Diamond Drop 40. @ZBfreeride