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Ugh, oh god, someone pour me another glass of wine before I stuff mistletoe down Uncle's mouth. He's so loud! Maybe its all the meth he's been used that causes him to get loud and worked up over any given subject. Ugh, whatever. Oh look! There's Grandma! And Grandma's prescription... And her other prescription.... And her other one, oh that's a new one... Well, at least her wine glass is still full so she can swallow all those things.... God damnit Otis get out of the kitchen! That fat dog just shakes his fat head everywhere and throws fat globs of drool everywhere! Ugh... Brother just showed up.... And Brother's annoying boyfriend... At least they showed up this year. Oh good, I'm not the only one whose first instinct was to pour a glass of wine before saying hi to anyone. Ew, annoying boyfriend still hasn't got his chin wart removed... Now Meth Uncle is hugging me... Way TOO tight!! Aghhh!! He doesn't understand how to do anything quiet or gentle anymore. Yep, its Christmas time again. Family strangling. GATHERING. I meant gathering... Stupid auto correct.. Cheers! (Beer cheers*clink*clink*) At least we have a good time killing each other!
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@KaitlynnJanae this is perfect hahaha
Oh yea
Twisted indeed, but if it wasn't twister, it wouldn't be fun!
Hmmn.. Darlin, I am not sure if I should laugh or cry for you!!;) Isn't this true for many of us though...Imean we all have families along with family secrets that we'd prefer others didn't know about. ;) HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & YOURSÊ