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Lee Min Ho will fight to the finish on Faith. On the October 16 episode of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Faith, Lee (plays the role of Choi Young) tells Kim Hee Sun (plays the role of Eun Soo) that he will strike their enemy first and fast. Then he says that he will resign his post not to cause any problems to the King. As a result, Lee will turn into a cold hearted man to protect the King and Kim starting next episode. The reason he decided to strike the enemy first is to keep the King and Queen and Kim safe. Lee also tells his friend Ahn Jae that he will fight to the finish. Lee has been using a sword since he was sixteen. He looks back on his past and strengthens his determination to fight a decisive battle. Lee will get rid of Deokheung-gun first. Many people are looking forward to seeing the next episode and wondering how he will attack Deokheung-gun. The series airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m. Source: Xportsnews