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My first Longboard edit! I know its not to good but its not the worst. 馃憣馃槀
@SethSmith yeah. I want to get one and get one of those stick things to put it on.
The original go pro. Still better than a phone thoufh
I wish I had one too. I saw one for sale brand new for 77 bucks in a store in my town but I don't have the money for it yet.
Video editing is hard. I did a decent video edit of drill team stuff for highschool. My problem with videos for Longboarding is I can't really tape my self and I don't have my old computer.
you can do this but you need more footage from different angles and then edit all the slides/tricks/whatever closer together so there's a bunch of quick shots with less dead space but it takes a lot of time doing it by yourself and you need a tripod for your phone like one of those Gorilla pods that wrap around stuff don't give up man anything worth doing takes time and patience and practice
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