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My first Longboard edit! I know its not to good but its not the worst. 馃憣馃槀
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no helmet, no respect.
what's your problem dude? I got your point when you said it on the first post. you Dont have to be a dick and go to each one of my posts. like I get that at first you were making a point but now your just a dick bro. @0bryceMcGarity0
@SethSmith I've been doing the job the Vingle community has failed to do and that's calling you out on not wearing a helmet. If you crash and get seriously hurt it looks bad on all us.
okay, I respect that but there are way different and more sufficient ways of saying so. all you would of had to say is "aye bro, wear a helmet from now on cause it makes the rest of us look bad if you mess up." the perspective that you took on this whole thing isn't going to work on most people and is just going to annoy and piss them off and make them want to not even wear one just because of how you came off.
it doesn't look bad on anyone if you fall without a helmet, you chose not to, you fell and maybe you're dead but the whole no respect thing isn't necessary...we do not need safety police...or any calling out, you want to post about safety do it, but do it with respect and without the attitude @0BryceMcGarity0