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So I got about 2 hours of boarding in today before nightfall little bit windier than I would have liked but I didn't need a jacket so I'm happy. I got to try my bud's new LY Battle Axe and I have to say it's great! Being drop-through it's low to the ground and easy to push and the pintail ish shape is sweet, and I was able to get some slides in with it so overall I like it. Probably gonna get myself one once they release their next edition of it. Working on slides is great fun but has its dangers, since I was trying out a new slide I fell and got a little bit of road rash, my solution? Hydrogen peroxide and some antiseptic spray! Also me and my bud were practicing flatland plants, I'm not getting too far though, I can pop up my board and grab it then run with the forward momentum but I can't jump up onto my board riding switch. That generally sums up my day of boarding, how was y'all's days?
Practice makes perfect
Dude dirt is so much cheaper for dem cuts.
peroxide ftw