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so im in the market for some slide gloves originally i was gunna go with a pair of sector 9 gloves but ive heard they wear very easily so im thinking of getting this pair for 38.99 has anyone had any experience with landyachts gloves ? also my budget is like 45 is there a better glove i could get?
i ordered a pair of blood orange knuckles found a pair for 44 on daddies board shop
P.S. Arbor had better pucks. Pucks on Landy were smaller and thinner.
The pair of sector 9 I have are holy and worn out and the puck is pretty worn down from trying to learn how slide. Next gloves i plan on getting are holesom because I have heard they are good gloves.
I have the leather Landy and the Arbor. They both rip, but the leather Landy is more durable. All gloves pretty much rip at some point.
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