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Holiday Pink
My latest holiday obsession: PINK! Pick your favorite shade, whether it's fuchsia bright or dusty rose, celebrate the cheery season in a stylish display of pink. Los Angeles never feels like Fall, much less Christmas time. So I decided to finally get to Aldik, which specializes in artificial fruits, florals, foliage, and the like. And with 60% Off Everything inside I ran every red light and stop sign to get there early. As soon as you walk in you're thrust into a stunning showroom of gorgeous trees dressed to the nines for Christmas. Filled with things you never knew existed. Black foil trees. Upside-down trees. Ornaments as big as automobile tires, and more. My absolute favorite of all, was the 9-foot splendor in pink! The classic pedestal urn was painted with a mirror gloss pink with a 7-foot conical topiary. (I'd just love it if anyone in the communities tackled this for a DIY) Let the pictures inspire you. Though I have no instructions on how to recreate it's foundation, you'd need: • Carnations • Roses • Gingham bows (ribbon) • Frosted balls with glitter • Clear faceted crystal balls • tons of creativity What do you think of pink for the holidays?
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Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was Victoria's Secret. Their interior is PINK all season (including holidays). I don't see why pink wouldn't work for holiday decor.
I haven't been to VS in forever. When I saw this topiary, besides being overcome with wonder, I was so inspired to get creative and break out of mainstream design.
True that, @marshalledgar. I wanna apply the pink design to my Christmas and give a twist. It's a bit hard to mix it in to my current interior setting, but I should definitely try :)