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Happy 2015 Vinglers! Many of us have created goals for ourselves this year and I thought it would be great to compile a list of apps that could help with accomplishing these goals. These aren't the only apps out there that you can use, so if you have any additional recommendations, then please share below in the comments. I also have a collection called "Boost Your Productivity" that you might find helpful: 1. Mint Android: iPhone: 2. Quit Now Android: iPhone: 3. Runkeeper Android: iPhone: 4. Fooducate: Android: iPhone: 5. Duolingo Android: iPhone: 6. Wunderlist Android: iPhone: Other platforms:
I really want to start with Duolingo. Ever since I got out of high school I've really been slipping on my language studies...
@GetFitwithAmy I haven't checked out Noom! @onesmile same here. I was using fooducate yesterday and looking at the calories of my favorite foods and felt a little depressed....but I'm glad I'm able to make changes!
Wunderlist and Fooducate are going to be my saviors this year :)
I love RunKeeper but I also started using Noom diet/exercise coach. I have a feeling I'll be dropping it soon though because it seems like the free version is way too limited. Too bad, I love the layout!
@Sjeanyoon, it's a great app to freshen up your skills as well!