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On the 12th, Tao used his Weibo to post, "I use my work to express my experiences and dissatisfactions. Some people can hide behind their keyboards in the virtual world to complain about about their dissatisfaction of others. This is just one of the big gaps between you and me. Oh~ look forward to my self-composed solo rap. TAO Bang~" EXO has been put in a pressure cooker - they are losing members, their company is being sued, who knows how much pressure is being put on them by SM to talk out against Kris and Luhan, etc. Plus they're getting ready for a comeback. I can't even imagine dealing with this let alone a flood of negative comments directed at me. It is amazing that Tao is keeping to together as much as he is. If I were him I would probably have deleted my Weibo (Chinese Facebook) years ago! I look forward to his solo project and I hope that whatever unhappiness is hitting the EXO boys next will end soon. They really deserve to do what they love without all of this drama surrounding them.
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