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Finally some positive body image news out of Korean media!! According to an article on Koreaboo, Korean netizens praised Yoona's gradual weight gain based on two photos from two different dates: In the original post, titled “Finally, Yoona’s weight gain” the writer comments, “This photo is of her walking taken in the middle of the year. The second photo is of her a few days ago at Tokyo Dome (2014.12). She has really gained weight!” A netizen commented, “This is such a bizarre situation when you’ve congratulate someone for gaining weight.” Others left comments including, “She was okay last year, but earlier this year, she was making me worry with her sudden weight lost. I’m glad she’s gained weight,” “Yoona looks better!”, and “Yoona, don’t lose to much weight or you’ll worry fans.” I feel like all that we see from Korean entertainment news is how much weight an actress lost for their role or comeback and how to crash diet. Glad to see people celebrating weight gain for once!
yay! less body-shaming in the future.... hopefully
This is seriously good news! I'm glad they're encouraging her to be healthy :)