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So thanks to @VasqLu's card of BTS baby photos, I went looking for a baby photo of J-Hope. I couldn't find one, but I did find this adorable picture! I thought that @snowinseoul @babyblue23 @Dahliadang @Candysmilez @ExoticLeiChan @Dreamer1004 @titidah @sahshae5296 @AngelaFaithSuju @Allyphernelia @GeishaHiromi @NanaSomon and @PassTheSuga might enjoy it :) This is for the Letters From Angels project which helps Korean adoption agencies :)
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Sorry to spam with the tags, but I thought if we got the Vingle BTS ARMY together we could find it hahahahah
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@chanyeollvr28 No problem! I'm glad we have such a strong BTS fandom in this Kpop community :)
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What the heck!? I'm not on Vingle for one day and @callmekaren awakened an army?!! LMAO.
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Can you imagine the boys raising a baby bangtan??? O(≧▽≦)O the idea is too cute<33 ahhh....I can't lol.
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