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Hemingwrite is a cool distraction-free digital typewriter that is perfect for someone who loves writing but feels too distracted by their many applications on their computer. It lets you type away and saves all of your writing in the cloud. You can look at your work by moving up and down pages, but you cannot use copy/paste. The point of this is to separate your draft phase with your editing. You can later do hardcore editing of your draft by accessing your drafts online. The features include: • Projected 4-6 week battery life • 1 million+ page memory • Full-size mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX keyboard switches available in US ANSI and international ISO layouts • ~6” E-Paper display • Durable, lightweight aluminum housing The kickstarter campaign is going on until Jan 23 2015. I think it's a genius idea. With technology these days, it's so easy to get distracted. What do you all think? Would you buy this?
@WordDoctor, ooh, I would love to know what people actually think about this!
One of my writer friends was going to get this. I'll have to check in with him and see how it's going!
This is a genius idea indeed! I always recommend to writing friends that they do not proofread as the write, but instead they keep moving and save the editing for later when your brain is done with the composing. This tool would surely help with that!