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DIY Contruction Paper Holiday Cards
In our generation, most people purchase holiday cards from stores. Unless, you're one of the few artsy people who likes to get hands-on and make them your own you'll get a box of them from any gift or stationary boutique. Now a days, you can even find them in grocery and convenience stores. There's nothing wrong with store-brought holiday cards. it's beautiful and easy to put together. However, a handmade greeting card gets to my heart. Every time I receive one I feel all warm and touched. In my opinion it's one of the most sincere gift anyone can give me. This holiday season you get the perfect chance to show appreciation to your friends and family through gifts and gatherings. I challenge you to make it even better with handmade holiday cards. All you need is construction paper to make it happen. Browse through the images for inspirations!
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These are all really cute ideas for some inspiration :) I really love making homemade cards when I have the chance, so I might try do some of the ribbon-based versions I see here!
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