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This might be the best present idea for a Parks and Rec fan. For those of you who don't watch Parks and Rec, one of the characters on the show, Tom Haverford, creates a "robotic" DJ with a Roomba vacuum. Some of my favorite Tom scenes are when DJ Roomba is in the room. Now, you can create your own with the iRobot Create 2 kit. It looks like a fun project for someone who loves Robotics and tech. The Create 2 is a kit meant for educators and students who want to learn more about creating and building a mobile robot. It costs $199.99. Find the instructions for making a DJ create in this PDF:
I love this idea! It doesn't actually seem that difficult, as long as you take the time to understand the steps! I have a cousin just entering middle school that would really love this project, I'm sure of it. Thanks for the tip!
@onesmile yeah, I'm so glad the kit is not too advanced...perfect for students