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sooo, for next season, im looking at three different boards, all from Landyachtz, the 9two5, the Switchblade 40, or the Switch 40. I want something more downhill, but still able to get gnarly with some freeride, what would you guys recommend? Also ideas for set ups. :o
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wrong. hard to learn, but not impossible. I'd like to see some one Ollie a switch though lol
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@HazardousToast about the bears or Paris' I'd ditch those and go for calibers. better looking and riding
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I was thinking about getting a pair, that or a pair of Atlas. If i had the cheese, id defo throw some Ronins on.
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I just posted some freeride, freestyle and downhill board videos from Tactics.com check those out that might help you decide @HazardousToast
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ayyy, this guy^ cool
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