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The two favorite season for electric company is summer and winter. It may be the happiest thing on earth for them but it's the most annoying thing for us. Since it's winter I'm assuming everyone is experience an electricity bill increase. Here are some tips to be environmentally-friendly without sacrificing comfort. 1. Use the fireplace That's the easiest solution to warm up the whole room. Be sure to use an airtight fireplace door to keep heated air from leaking up the chimney. 2. Install quilted curtains Linen and lace curtains are beautiful, but save it for spring and summer. A thicker curtain fabric can cover drafty windows and make your room feel warmer at a lower temperature. 3. Use space heating Instead of turning on the heating system for the entire home opt for space heating. You will be surprise how this habit can cut heating bills. Keep in mind space heaters works best in walled-in-rooms (rather than open spaces). 4. Direct Sunlight During the day turn on the blinds and uncover the curtain from the window. A dark room will be more gloomy and cold, so let there be light for solar energy. This is the best source of natural heat. Just remember to close the blind and curtain during the evening to cover cold glass. Image courtesy: Home Crux
We have been using our fireplace at home, but great tips with the curtains! We really need to change ours.
Using a space heater can seriously cut your bills-- especially if your electricity is cheaper than your gas!