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Today, I had the nose up on the Tessy for a sec, then I tried to whip it into a 180 but only went 90 degrees. The nose came down hard and I left some of the Tesseract's cork bottom on the ground. I felt awful about it, but I have to say, that darn thing is a tough mofo!!! Didn't even leave a mark on the actual board!!! FYI~ that Tessy can take a beating!!!
Stevie Cab! Search and Destroy is Metallica and I think a song by Iggy and the Stooges also
Skate and destroy!!!
Gotta love the tessy.
Dang. My board has taken a beating. I can do a ghostride kickflip, a tiger claw, top hat, barely a manual, and working on other tricks.
I wouldn't feel as bad if it was my own Tessy! However, this was not my girlfriend. :P I corked it and porked it.
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