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YouTube is now letting you create GIFs from videos. There are many third party sites that already let you do this, but this saves you even more time than before. It looks like you are only able to do it on limited channels (PBS Idea Channel and Good Mythical Morning). To access it, all you need to do is go under the Share option and click on the "GIF" tab. Select a time segment, add some text, and voila! You have yourself a YouTube GIF. I hope they perfect and release this to all of YouTube soon, it will be so handy! (via Andy Baio) Source: PBS Idea Channel: Good Mythical Morning Channel:
I wonder if they'll have to give video creators the option of whether to allow gifing of their videos--I think some people really won't want that
@onesmile I hope so, that's a good idea. Although, I guess even if they say no viewers would still find ways to do do it.