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This isn't Nick's first time winning the WPY, but since he won the competition this year, I thought it would be wise of me to introduce the artwork that he won for this time around! This photograph, known as "The Last Great Picture" is a beautiful look at nature, and what we might be losing. Nichols sought to capture a stereotypical image of lions that is rare to see anymore. He captured this picture of the Vumbi pride in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park after spending six months watching them, so they were very comfortable with his presence. Technical specification: Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 24–70mm f2.8 lens at 32mm; 1/250 sec at f8; ISO 200. To view his previous win as well as a short biography of Nichols, check this out:
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Wow, what dedication this guy has. He spent 6 months to get this photograph! Six whole months and you'd think he would get the skyline straight....Just joking, it's a beautiful shot :p
I can't image developing this kind of a relationship with wild animals like this, especially ones that are known predators.
What a stunning image!! It literally gave me chills. How amazing to know the photography story behind a gorgeous shot like this.
Am totally amazed...