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So I'm looking for apps to use for recording speed, distance, map, and so forth. I've used the longboard speedometer as seen in the first picture but after an update it's broken to where it will crash when I try to save a session but it worked very well before that I loved it, before the update the only bug I had was ending up with duplicated sessions and unable to delete a session. The second app I just downloaded because a friend of mine that does a lot of biking told me about it and I will do a review of that when I get a chance to use it. What apps have you all used and what are your opinions on them? Keep calm and longboard.
I personally use ride run and record, it's definitely worth the 99 cents
The vidometer is awesome I've done some messing around with it and I love it. It had a HUD up during the video showing speed and other options and the HUD will be in the video when you post it online and you have different options. If it doesn't rain today I'll post a video using it.
I use SloPro (I think thats what it's called) and it takes any footage and you can choose what to put in slo motion. Works great for highlighting tricks, or slides.
I use Endomondo for biking and running not sure if it has a longboard option but I was thinking I would use biking or running if it didn't... it would still track my ride and show me how fast and how long I rode