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There are two cameras on the market now with similar stats that deserve to be compared side by side. These to cameras are the Canon 5d Mark 3 and the Nikon D750. Although the Nikon D810 is a better camera, this review is comparing these two because of their base level stats. The reviewer goes into very great detail with real life comparisons, something you don't get from ever review. The photographer comparing these two goes over pretty much ever practical application one could really want from a good comparison, for example: sports photography, burst shooting, low light focusing, ISO still/video grain, dynamic range, rolling shutter, morie, and lots of other comparisons. Check it out! What do you think is the best? I would choose the Nikon for the significantly lower price and because of the fact that I already shoot Nikon. Video Table of Contents 1:08 Intro With Features and Specs 5:33 Servo Sports Test 8:28 High Speed Burst Buffer Performance 10:30 Low Light Focus Test 12:26 ISO Tests 14:10 Dynamic Range 16:36 Video ISO Noise 17:04 Rolling Shutter 17:22 Morie 18:05 High Dynamic Range 19:12 - Portrait Test 21:13 - Side Notes 23:08 - Conclusion 25:30 - Note for Video Shooters
thanks for info dude
Great post, thank you. I'm looking to get my first DSLR for beginning photography and vlogging, but I'm really lost on where to start.
Both beautiful cameras, but I was surprised to see Nikon exceed in the night sky photography!