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Well, there is one thing that Kobe now can say he did better than MJ: score. Well, actually that is also not true. While Kobe has now surpassed MJ to become the #3 top scorer in league history, MJ played a lot fewer seasons. Either way, Kobe has to go down as one of the best players to ever played the game. Kobe may not have been the most likeable player. But let's face it, MJ wasn't either. He may not have been the nicest guy. Again, MJ wasn't. But both players were fierce competitors, and both were champions. Now that we look back on their careers, they were both similar players, but Kobe is the poor man's MJ. MJ has more rings. MJ has a higher FG%. He has a higher ppg average. So let us just take Kobe what he was. A great player, fierce competitor, but not quite MJ. But who is? Either way, congratulations to Kobe!
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@Goyo I can't help but agree. Kobe is one of the greatest but it was always him first.
I feel many would argue that he is helping himself win, not the team. Take this year, for example. There is no way that anyone would think that winning any games is best for the Lakers long term, but Kobe wants to go out as a winner, even if it screws up the Lakers long term
More proof that Kobe is the best. Doesn't matter if he has a crappy team. He goes out and fights and works every day and does his best to help the team win.